California Marketplace Listings

  • San Diego, CA (Ref# CA - 47 - SD)

    09/03/2009 - Prices are lower than ever. If you're serious about buying, don't miss this opportunity to score on a full liquor license. - MORE INFO

  • Orange, CA (Ref# CA - Orange - 47)

    09/01/2009 - Prices are down statewide. Orange County is especially cheap right now. Pick up a full liquor license at the best price. Call to get in on the action. - MORE INFO

  • Los Angeles, CA (Ref# CA - LA - Type 47)

    08/30/2009 - Cheapest price for a full liquor license (Type 47) in Los Angeles County. Don't miss this opportunity to expand your clientele. Give us a call. - MORE INFO

  • Riverside, CA (Ref# CA - Riverside 47/48)

    08/27/2009 - Pick up a full liquor license for cheap. Get in while the market is down. Call to make a deal. - MORE INFO

  • San Bernardino, CA (Ref# CA - San Bern - 20)

    08/03/2009 - Off-sale Beer and Wine license available in San Bernardino County. Start making real money! Give us a call today. - MORE INFO

  • Los Angeles, CA (Ref# CA - Los Angeles - 21)

    07/14/2009 - Foreclosed FULL Off-sale Liquor License available immediately. This is going to go fast, give us a call today to get in on the action. - MORE INFO

  • Kern, CA (Ref# CA - Kern - 47)

    07/13/2009 - Full Liquor License in Kern County available right now. License is for a Restaurant or Bar within the county. Seller is ready to go, make an offer - MORE INFO

  • Monterey, CA (Ref# CA - Monterey - 20)

    07/07/2009 - Type 20 (off-sale beer & wine) liquor license for sale in Monterey County. Give us a call. - MORE INFO

  • Santa Clara, CA (Ref# CA - Santa Clara - 47)

    07/06/2009 - Serious Buyers - Prices in Santa Clara have dropped dramatically. Score on a Full Liquor License for a restaurant or bar today. Call for pricing. - MORE INFO

  • Placer, CA (Ref# CA - Placer - 21)

    06/26/2009 - Full off-sale liquor license available for purchase in Placer County, CA. Perfect for grocery / convenience stores. Call now. - MORE INFO

  • Ventura, CA (Ref# CA - Ventura - 47)

    06/22/2009 - *Price Reduced* Full liquor license in Ventura County available. License is for a restaurant or bar within the county. Seller is ready to go, make an offer. - MORE INFO

  • Placer, CA (Ref# CA - Placer - 47)

    06/16/2009 - Full liquor license in Placer County available. License is for a restaurant or bar within the county. Seller is ready to go, make an offer. - MORE INFO

  • Stanislaus, CA (Ref# CA - 47 - Stanislaus)

    06/10/2009 - *Price Reduced* FULL Liquor license available for restaurants or bars in Stanislaus county. Call today to make a deal! - MORE INFO

  • Alameda, CA (Ref# CA - Alameda - 47)

    06/09/2009 - *Price Reduced* Full liquor license for a restaurant/bar in Alameda County, CA. Serious buyers should move quick on this one. Call today. - MORE INFO

  • Sacramento, CA (Ref# CA - Sacramento - 47)

    06/08/2009 - Liquor License for restaurant or bar available in Sacramento County. License is affordable and won't stay on the market for long. Call today. - MORE INFO

California Liquor License Specialists

Liquor License Specialists has been working in the state of California for over 20 years, and has unparalleled knowledge of the licensing process within the state. Our offices in Los Angeles allow us to maintain a high level of service to all of our California clients, and our licensing specialists and brokers have all the right connections to the state Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control. LLS even has its very own in-house escrow company, ABC Escrow, available exclusively to clients of Liquor License Specialists. This allows us to fast-track the licensing process by teaming up to make sure the paper is pushed faster and your license issues sooner!

We also have the largest inventory of liquor licenses in the state at the lowest prices, which means that we can assist you with securing a license perfect for your needs quicker than the competition, and save you some money in the process! From the moment you call Liquor License Specialists you will be amazed by our high level of service, reliability, and dedication to our clients. We are available to meet in person, over the phone, or via e-mail at any point throughout the licensing process, and can help you get your business open on time, with alcohol! Call us today for more information!

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